People often misunderstand the differences between web development and web design; these are two completely different things.

Web development entails additions to the structure of the website where all programming and applications are made so our client’s websites become functional and dynamic.

Web development is a must if you plan to have an interactive website where you may change, add, delete and correct things as you go. It is also a must if integration is needed on things such as online forms, applications and purchases.

Our professional web developers have the experience needed to help you with any web web developmentdevelopment need. There are many parts included in our web development services. Check them listed below. Our Services to you:

  •   Web content management system Deployment and/or Content management infrastructure design, development and integration
  •   Web applications development, integration and deployment
  •   Web site code optimization (which is an important aspect of search engine optimization)
  •   Project management, QA and other aspects common to IT development
  •   Advanced customized admin panel (For end-users)
  •   Database integration with web applications

We apply web development for customizing or creating applications for our wordpress projects. To see a partial list of our previous projects, please go to our portfolio on web development.

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  Case Study : Alexa Travel and Tours
  Case Study :



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