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2  types of email addressesBy this time most of us know what an email address is and how important it is in our lives today.  We need not stress too much the value, but we must learn to differentiate between the 2 different types of email addresses you should have.

The 2  types of email addresses are:

Office Email Address

Most people nowadays use their office email address as their personal email too.  What they do not understand is when you leave an office, this email address will not go with you.  While you can have tech support or IT, send you a copy of your emails and address books, your office email address will cease to exist once you are gone.

Another downside of using office email address with your personal, especially your banking and anywhere you have activated 2F authentication is it would be troublesome to login through other personal sites like Facebook if you need to change or be reminded of your passwords.

For people who are owners of the business this does not apply. And even after their business goes kaput, all they have to do is keep paying for the domain name and the web hosting.

Personal Email Address

Some folks who are small business owners prefer to use the generic and sometimes  “freemium” (if these still exists today) emails. They like these email addresses because these follow them wherever they go. They don’t need to think of losing anything due to forgotten domain or hosting payments.  While using free email is convenient, it is highly advised against when sending email that include sensitive information.

What do I suggest?

Well, it would be great to have an office email address since it is more formal and it advertises your domain name or website. But you should use this strictly for business matters.

Though I am personally against having more than one email.  If you are socially active or have friends that send so much email, I would suggest creating a Google Gmail account or a Yahoo email account.

But remember office email address is strictly for formal office correspondence and Gmail or Yahoo account for your personal emails. These 2  types of email addresses that you should have and use.

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