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Our Story

The year was 1995. The founder started working at a community based internet service provider as a marketing coordinator.  It was then that the world of the internet was introduced to him and right then and there he saw the potentials of the internet as venue for marketing businesses.

Around mid 1998, he started a small business and registered  Biztoolz was to be a total small business provider. Its packages offered very affordable websites for SME’s and at the same time offered affordable pre-paid dial-up internet for these businesses to check their emails.

Unfortunately, he forgot to renew the domain and lost it to domain brokers.  He continued but was heart broken because of the loss. Around mid 1998, when the web was at its infancy, was revitalized as ETNWeb.   Click here to see one of the sites we created during the time, unfortunately this was the only site we were able to salvage from a broken hard drive.

For so many years he has made countless of websites for small businesses that on June 30,2008 ETNWeb was finaly rebranded as ETN MultimediaETN Multimedia started creating small websites for individuals and some startups.

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