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Case Study

alexaAlexa Travel and Tours website ( was created on may of 2012. It’s main purpose is to showcase the client’s group tour packages. Initially, all the packages were entered normally as one would create a “post” or a “page” on WordPress.


Using WordPress was probably one of the best things the client could do for himself and his website. With the ease of use. The problem, however, came when the client started copy pasting from “.docx” files. This produced so-so presentation results plus the fact that their visitors had to go way.. way.. way down to get additional information such as the pricing, inclusions, exclusions, etc.


The solution we employed (please refer to video below and please bear with us on the quality.) was to structure and separate the different portions of their package and create separate data entry fields for this. Doing so meant 1) data was cleaner even through copy and pasting 2) we had the added capability to play with how we were displaying data.

We created their own plugin for the custom post type, the widget, and the data entry (metaboxes. see custom data entry #1 and #2 at the gallery below.) forms. The result is what you will see on the video. As you can see from the begining of the video. Most information was at the bottom of the page. It took a lot of scrolling down just to even see what was included in the package. We created plugin which creates a widget that could detect the current page’s/post’s identity. This pulls up all pertinent data and place them on the sidebar.  Placing them at almost the same height as the title. Not only that, both the title and “Package Details” are above the fold of the page, making the package details on the sidebar more prominent.

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