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Php as our choice technology

We chose to become php developers because php programmers and php programming are becoming in demand when it comes to database driven, dynamic websites.

We could have chosen to be ASP or .net developers but we feel that PHP has more going for it as part of an open-source platform.  PHP is a simple language that allows for easy integration into web development and can easily be embedded into HTML. PHP can be deployed on most servers in different operating systems but is best implemented on an Apache server with a Linux Platform.

According to a web server survey, (source : ) January 2010 figures show a total of111,307,941(53.84%) web servers running on Apache as against 49,792,844(24.08%) servers running on Microsoft.  It is safe to assume that more than 90% of those running on Apache servers run PHP as their scripting language.With hardly any publicity, PHP has swept the Web.

ETN Multimedia has the capacity to accept outsourcing and offshore PHP jobs with it’s existing open source manpower.We are a dynamic young company with domain expertise in professional PHP programming for Web based applications / portals, shopping cart, solutions.


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