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Upgrading And Saving On Your IT Equipment…

If you are a startup company with basic equipment that is more or less outdated or doesn’t fit your work requirements… Here are some tips on upgrading and saving some money in the process:

1) When upgrading, remember, Your hard disk, floppy disk drive, CD drive can always be used again on a newer model computer… by using them again, you could save almost (Hard disk Pesos 3K-4K, Floppy Drive Pesos 2H-5H, CD Drive Pesos 1K-2.5K)

2) Upgrades usually means upgrading your Processor (the brains of your computer ex. AMD Duron, Intel Pentium IV) and the Motherboard (Where everything is connected to on your computer…) Depending on your upgrade… sometimes you could still use the current memory (you could increase yours… ex.. from 64MB in older systems to 128MB… Windows XP requires at least 256MB) sometimes the casing and power supply can still be used… especially if it is an ATX or higher casing… Video cards may still be used.. depending on your requirements… if its just photoshop.. an AGP video card with at least 64MB of memory will already do..

3) When upgrading, it is advisable not to leave the technician alone with the upgrading… so that you can see what upgrades and what else he can do for your computer..

4) Monitors are usually sturdy and lasts a long time… but if it sometimes flickers for no reason at all… it is advisable to replace it…

5) while you may save on second hand computer parts… it is always advisable to get brand new or first owned (by you) parts… They will last you longer..

Up next, i will be taking about simple ways of determining your computer’s parts…


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