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BCDA : Responsive WordPress Website

Case Study

bcdaOne day Mr. Marvin de Leon of and a long time friend of mine came to me and said that he was doing a site for BCDA. The only problem he had was that he was more of a designer than a developer. The discussion did not initially involve WordPress but eventually did since we both discussed the requirements of the site and how we showed him how we could do it in WordPress.


I wouldn’t actually say that we were faced with problems, but rather, I would say that we were faced with a lot of customization on showing almost the same things on the sidebars, showing logos and slides which would be too much to leave with the agency after we finished, teaching each user how to create a post and upload publications and defining certain access for certain roles.


Initially, we had to hurdle the basic template. We tried so many different base themes but none were flexible enough or easy enough to do customization. We also needed to create a site that was Responsive WordPress Website.  So we took his initial HTML/Bootstrap dummy and worked our way up from there.

From there we started to build the site by placing content so that we could test our “Widgets” for our sidebars.  We started with this as we had to had some form because Mr. de Leon had a presentation coming.  Our “Widgets” were created within plugins custom designed for the client.

It is also in these plugins where we created custom post types for the site’s publication post and upload, sliders and logos.  Also within these plugins we created different areas for data entry and uploading.

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