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Case Study : Advance Marketing

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Upon meeting with the client sometime 2013. I learned that he wanted a site that would 1) act as an online catalog for his tire dealers 2) his dealers could choose from the catalog and order online. 3) the tire dealer is limited to accessing the login on one (1) computer only.

The third requirement indicated that the client did not want his tire dealers just giving access to whoever they wanted to. Because like any other business this subjected the system to abuse. Initially the client was contemplating on a “usb-key” that would entail the dealer to insert the “usb-key” to validate login. The web program needed to be able to access and update or re-install the “usb-key”.


Problems we encountered were : 1) the limitation of a web application is that it cannot and should not be allowed to have access to physical hardware. 2) use of a “usb-key” does not guarantee that the dealer will not lend his/her “usb-key” to just anyone. 3) cost to produce and initialize a “usb-key” plus the hassle of re-install on the “usb-key” . 4) we needed to develop an application that needed to be able to do so but needed an interface that looked the same as the wordpress site and 5) we needed to supplement this application with a user system for logging in and ordering.


The solution we thought of was not really fool proof but it basically cut through the problems and just plain solved it. We opted instead to build a cookie tracking snippet/program that would check cookies upon login of the dealer. If the dealer, for example, decides to login using another computer, he/she would need to contact Advance Marketing offices to reset the dealer’s login. But then, he/she would need to have their account reset again in case the dealer returns to his previous computer to login.

Our solution also entailed that we tap into the templating and user system of wordpress‘ core.

This solution assures that 1) the dealer can only use 1 computer at a time 2) it would be too problematic to be installing/resetting the dealers’ account on his/her sub-dealers computers. 3) the client can post updates (please 6th image from the left) that would be available to all logged in dealers alone not including the general public. 4) Using wordpress‘ core we tapped into the user system, with this the client, could create user accounts for his/her dealer on the front-end. 5) In tapping into wordpress‘ core, we created a program that uses wordpress templating system, this ensured that the users of the system would always be in a familiar display, familiar to the template of the catalog and the ordering system.

By the way, the system is a separate sets of programs on a different folder on their server. All of the functionalities of the application made the system simpler by not letting the client’s dealers go into the back-end. The interface on the front-end when logged in is simpler to use.


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