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In my work with, one of my tasks was to create a system for creating and implementing landing on the fly. Here are the following considerations needed to be addressed:

  1. We needed a base template for all companies. Each landing page was unique for each company that, all information, images and links were needed to be different per company landing page.
  2. We needed a data entry form and all entries needed to be stored on a database.
  3. We also needed the option to edit company entries.
  4. The program also needed to create a physical folder that matched the system generated sub-directory on the URL. This is for future uploads and/or other landing pages or coupons.

Together with my colleague Colin, we set to design the system.  Colin was the Lead Web Designer for and I was the Lead Web Developer, well at least for the project.

Colin design the initial look of the template. And I worked with the intricacies of database design and program development.  It was nothing fancy though, it was more of your basic “CRUDE” or “Create, Update, Delete” type of system.

As described above:

  1. The template was finalized, courtesy of Colin.  And I retrofitted the PHP code to grab all information, image links and external links for display from the database
  2. The system is able to detect whether the folder for a particular company was created or not. If not, a link will offer the user to “Create Folder”.
  3. A list of all clients was created to provide an organized view of all clients, there is also a link to view each company’s landing page.
  4. Data entry form included everything, including also a link to view the finished/unfinished landing page.
  5. To make the system less complicated, Colin initiated a login system just with the use of .htaccess.



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