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We have been commissioned again by Ms. Debbie Hogg, to upgrade her website. This time she has decided on coaching full-time. Here is a sneak peek of her new website

Debbie HoggI’ve now worked with Al a couple of times for my website and it’s been great. We did a complete revamp recently and I’m thrilled with the results.All my requests were met with welcome arms and the jobs were ticked off. If there was a better way to do something he would always let me know, and he taught me so much regarding websites.

So, I now have an amazing website, unskilled knowledge and an IT man I can lean on whenever I need.We are all a work in progress doesn’t matter what industry we are in, and my website will also be upgrading, changing, morphing over various periods of time.Al is absolutely my go to IT man and am happy to recommend him to others!

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