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Internship Goals:

To be able to brief and educate interns about current trends and tools being utilized in real-world applications specifically in web design and development environments:

2. CSS
3. Javascript / JQuery
4. PHP
5. MySQL

To show different outcomes using the same tools and discussing trend in web and mobile web design.

1. Responsive Web Design
2. Web vs. Mobile
3. Static vs. Dynamic

To be able to go into actual and/or live web design and/or development and to be able to do the following basic activities

1. To setup clients’ with commercial hosting services
2. To setup clients’ email with commercial email services
3. To setup ftp accounts and be able to use such with freeware or open source alternatives
4. To setup MySQL database
5. To setup WordPress

First Batch of Interns from Trinity University of Asia learning basic WordPress installation, basic Web development concepts.

Learning Activities

WordPress Websites by Internees…

Completion of Internship




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