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DLSP Plant Database

DLSP Plant Database

This is the central repository of inventoried plants, seeds and herbarium specimens of the whole La Salle School System. As described on their home page:

This database is a centralized collection of plants, seeds and herbarium specimens from different Lasallian schools all throughout the Philippines. Plants found in this website are available in the respective La Salle schools indicated by the accession numbers found in each plant entry page. You can search for living collections, herbarium specimens or seeds. This database aims to cater to the needs of students, faculty, researchers and the general public in need of plant access and specimen research. Plant requisition may also be available upon request.

Issues encountered:

  1. Hosting – Since we also created the plants site of De La Salle University. We requested DLSU IT administrators to give the site it’s own servers. We request this since most of DLSU’s web technologies were not open source, we requested this and had our colleagues install a linux operating system as the web server.  This being the case and since we work using WordPress, we also requested that this site be co-hosted on the same server
  2. Domain – with minimizing costs, if any, we, together with admin and web admins, to just create a subdomain of and point it to the server.

This site was designed and created entirely with WordPress.

Web conceptualization and design of entire site.
HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, Javascript, WordPress
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