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Diversi Pro


Food Services Website : Diversiproph is a group of chef’s and marketing peeps who needed a site for their services as well as an online ordering system built-in.

Their Unique Value Proposition

  • · Provider of professionally managed canteen/cafeteria services
  • · Conceptualize, plan, execute and manage kiosk and quick service restaurant concepts and products
  • · Commissary services for institutions wishing to outsource their food products with optimized costs
  • · Research and Development of F&B products using progressive methods and technology
  • · Manage, market and operate food service institutions like restaurants, cafés, etc. through management contracts or consultancy contracts
  • · Produce high quality meals to suite any need using the cook-chill/freeze method and other progressive methods in food production
  • · Link F&B job openings and opportunities with the right manpower and skills through in-house training in culinary arts, service and management
  • · Create career paths for individuals who wish to pursue a career—not to mention excel—in the F&B industry

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Web conceptualization and design of entire site.
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