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Green-e Philippines

Green E Nano Tech. Phils. Corp. combines professional medical and nanotechnology team.

We respect the “beauty, happiness, health and long life” philosophy and excel in the design, development and production of nano-medical healthcare products. This led us to become a provider of quality therapeutic bed linen, a masterpiece forged in healthcare profession, for use in your daily life. With the benefits of great products, you will appreciate meaning in life. This is the very first principle for longevity. We invite everyone with expectations to work together and witness consistent efforts in pursuing sustainability and continuous development of human society.

Though we have long started this project. It has temporarily been placed at the back-burner due to the company complying by certification from certain government agencies.

We created a shopping cart for them using WooCommerce plugin for WordPress and the site was designed to be responsive.  The site was temporarily placed under construction and will be online once the certifications have been complied with.

Web conceptualization and design of entire site.
HTML5, CSS2/CSS3, Javascript, WordPress
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