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I was just going through my computer and was happy mobilnetto stumble upon an old-school website that I made for my client. The site was done purely with HTML (and the love of our lives the “hyperlink”).  Images were done in Pagemaker 6.0 and were “PrtSc” (or print screened) into MS Paint and saved. (Whew..)

According to the original file (all files were in upper caps and do not run on a Linux environment, so we had to rename all the files including the images.) specifications, the latest date that anyone page was edited was 09-20-1999. The site was hosted on a free site, that I can no longer remember (I used to do sites and hosted them on

Anyway here is the link to the page.

Update: I found where the site was hosted. I set this site up in the then free host (here is the address on the internet archive site, though it is better to view the site with the above link since it was on a free site, there might be a lot of pop-up ads that don’t work and the layout may be a little what distorted.

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