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Plants of the Philippines

This project was designed specifically for the Biodiversity Conservation and Ecological Restoration Group. THE GROUP is a network of researchers, students and volunteers worldwide, working to conserve biodiversity and restore, where possible, ecosystems damaged by human activities or natural causes.

The group believes that conservation and restoration are requisites to maintaining the integrity and resilience of ecosystems to climate change.  Intact and “healthy” ecosystems will continue to provide ecosystem services vital to human survival (e.g. carbon sequestration, water supply, flood control among others) for generations to come.

This project was created using open source technologies and is hosted within the DLSU facilities.

Items undertaken:

  1. Setup of an open-source (linux) based web server as hosting
  2. Setup of Drupal open source CMS
  3. Setup of custom data entry for herbarium specimens.
  4. Creation of logo and adaptation of site design.

Website address is at

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