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Town Country Dry Cleaning located in Texas, USA has been with us since May of 2012. The chain of dry cleaning shops is owned by a Fil-Am who has been in the USA most of his life. He was also referred to us by another client.

Town Country Dry Cleaning Case Study is a dry cleaning company with four branches located all over northern texas and have been in the business for over 15 years. When we started their website, we were told that they wanted to have a services pricing page that would be visible on the site. We commissioned an artist to do the logo and the general layout and built on top of the Catch Box theme. Aside from the pricing page. We took note that though our client was a handson manager, he was not totally techie.


Creating the site from ground up was not really that hard. From our artists’ rendition to actual approved artwork we were easily able to create the template by adapting our artwork onto the Catch Box theme.

Problems we encountered 1) The client did not like that the actual home page was the first page. 2) Client wanted to be the one to edit the prices himself. 3) Client wanted to learn how to use the backend. 4)Like all clients the client needed a way to get in touch with us.


For the front page, we created a template that only showed the heading. This included a big version of the logo and the menu navigation bar.

Since there was nothing out of the box for WordPress about any built-in price listings.  And since the site did not need an e-commerce side to it, we decided to create a plugin to a) create “categories” b) create “sub-categories” and c) create the service data entry itself. (please see the first three images in our gallery).

For the client to learn how to use the site, we decided to create a plugin. This would show the tutorial from within. We really felt it was a terrible idea to create a tutorial file and send it by email.

In the backend we placed a “support” link that goes back to this website.  This is to ensure he had a way to get in touch with us. The same plugin, and shows our clients every possible way that they can contact us.

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