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ETN Multimedia Today
ETN Multimedia is a web and wordpress developer with more than 15 years of experience in web design and development and more than 7 years in wordpress development.

Back in 1995 we started out by selling analog mobile phones and pagers and were there during the introduction of GSM technology. Our corporate office was located in the city of Makati and that is where we started our network.

Unfortunately, market forces shifted and instead of being a seller’s market it became a consumer’s market, which is the way is really should be.  Sales were the same but the income derived from such was suddenly and significantly lower.  We decided to cash out and ventured into building home and office PCs.  We were building computers based on our client’s own specifications and thought that Computers and computer systems need not be expensive if we offer the client exactly what they needed.  ETN informally halted operations around 1997.

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Around mid 1998, when the web was at its infancy, ETN was revitalized and was packaged as  (domain registered July 31, 1998) and later as ETNWeb.   (click here to see one of the sites we created during the time, unfortunately this was the only site we were able to salvage from a broken hard drive.) ETNWeb was finaly repackaged as ETN Multimedia and was registered on June 30, 2008,  initially creating small websites for individuals and some startups.


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