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Why do we always suggest WordPress?

We cannot stress enough the usefulness of WordPress. WordPress has been around since May 27, 2003 and we hope this post would answer the question : “Why WordPress”?

We have encountered projects who needed a Website for different purposes some, like the samples below, were for one page Websites, or Landing pages.

An old client call me up recently, his company required a simple website for clients to register their warranty. It was just a simple 3 page responsive website built on-top…

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SME Loans landing page

We created a SME Loans landing page for an Esquire Financing Inc. loan agent. We patterned the page after the specs approved with EFI marketing and designed the page to…

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We also had projects where in we were discussing with Philippine scientists working in top Higher Education Institutions such as UP, Ateneo and De La Salle, on how to be able to use the sites for their “plant cataloging” purposes.

WordPress’ flexibility makes it useable for eCommerce and other promotional purposes for companies like Franchises

Taichung Milk Tea

We have known the client, Mr. Arches from a little about 10 years or so ago. We sent him a proposal but nothing prospered then. But when he called to…

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During the onset of the covid-19 pandemic, our friend was worried with her restaurant due to the restrictions of opening for dine-in customers.  She decided to get in touch with…

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What ever your project is, we can work with you to provide you with the aesthetics of the design and the functionality of your purpose to create the website you truly deserve.

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