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A couple of days back, I decide to try WordPress version 4.3. I couldn’t complain because I love WordPress. After a few days, because it was the last part of admin you would check. I was suprised and frustrated to find out that all my links in the front end menu had no urls. I had to find a solution or a Work around to WordPress 4.3Menu Customizer” error.

I wrote and I got no response, maybe because it was still too early and that no-one has still noticed that when you save your menu using the “Customizer” (well at least that was the effect on my installation) it would save the menu item but without the “URL”.

For two weeks or more I have been looking for solutions, alternatives to “Customizer“. So without any solution in sight. I did the only logical thing to do: Uninstall the version that is not working and install the last version before the upgrade, which was version 4.2.5.

Downgrade could be tricky and database and file backup is a must. To expedite my downgrade here are the basic steps I took (I had cpanel access):

1) download version 4.2.5 from

2) extract all contents to a local folder. Zip wp-admin, wp-includes and all of the root files.

3) go to file manager,create a backup folder, copy all current file installation from wp files to your uploads to backup folder, then delete everything in root except wp-config.php and wp-contents folder.

4) upload the three WordPress Zips we created and extract.

5) downgrading the database can be tricky. First fire up your phpmyadmin (i had cpanel ok?). Click on the database and click on “SQL” then run this “select * from wp_options where `option_name` like '%version%';

As you can see on the image, the shaded figure is the version.

6) From here, open your /wp-includes/version.php and look for “$wp_db_version = nnnnnn;” and replace the”nnnnn”  with the value of the db_version.

That should do it. Your Appearance>>Menu should now work flawlessly.


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