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Responsive Web Design

travel-agency-manila-rwdWith Responsive Web Design, there is no need to redesign your site to fit into an android or an iPhone mobile device.

As the name implies, the site is responsive and will adapt automatically. For sites that simply offer information or basic customer interaction, this is far more cost effective than having a mobile app created for your company.

Our examples below are not sites created in Photoshop and pasted on pictures of smartphones, they are actual sites that can both be viewed on a big 19″ PC LCD or LED monitor and any smartphone, in our case, it’s on our every reliable Samsung S3.

Generate Additional site conversions with a website optimized for tablets & smart mobile devices

  1. Generate more Sales & Leads from Mobile Users
  2. Rank Higher in Mobile Search Results
  3. Similarity with App Look, Feel and Functionality
  4. Mobile Optimized Checkout for eCommerce

Examples of websites with their picture taken.

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